I See You In the Seasons

I have seen you in the Summer, dear

How your heart is warm to me

I have danced with you in the outdoors

I have rested ‘neath the trees.


I have seen you in the Autumn, dear

How you love unselfishly

Shedding leaves and changing colour

Making art for me to see.


Now I see you in the Winter, dear

How the rain can turn to snow

How you thrill my heart with wonder

Giving nights a special glow.


I will meet you in the Spring, dear

How my heart will know it’s you

Now your love bids seasons come and go

Promising, “I will be true.”









An Open Letter to a Former Friend

Dear Former Friend

I know sometimes people really don’t get you and they really give you a hard time. I know sometimes people make you out to be a really detestable creature and wish you the worst in life. But today, I really want to say, “Thank you!” (And I don’t mean one of those grudgful expressions of sarcastic gratitude where people say, “Thank you,” but really mean, “Burn in hell, you demon!”)

Really. I mean it. From the warmest place in my heart – thank you!

It would be really awkward for me to call you up out of the blue or send you an email to express this gratitude, so I’m just going to leave this here. Maybe you’ll see it. Maybe you won’t. It doesn’t even matter! I just really wanted it to be said…


The truth is, I used to resent you for how much pain you caused me. Yes, I eventually forgave you, but I still struggled with how you could be such an amazing person, and still hurt me. You were a paradox I never understood. But, today, I am reflecting on where I was, where I am, and where I am going, and I just cannot thank you enough for walking away from me. I used to really struggle with your choice to hurt me and I will not pretend to understand it. But I want you to  know this day, that I most sincerely appreciate your decision.

I believe you didn’t mean to hurt me and that when you made your choice, you were just doing what you felt you needed to do. I never got to understand the true depth of why you felt you needed to, but because you did what you did, I am in a place I never dreamed would be possible.

Where I am today, is where I’ve always wanted to be. I will not venture to say that if you had stayed I would not have been able to experience such bliss, but what I will say is that I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life! I’m not trying to hurt you or to prove a point in saying that. I just know that your decision to let me go was one of the best things that has ever happened to me (I’m sure you would say the same for yourself). Today, there is no drama, no confusion and no desire or inclination to defend love in my life. This is what I have always prayed for and I am here today because you chose, and God allowed you, to walk away.

I’ve never wished you any pain or hurt. I’ve never tried to put other people against you, regardless of what happened between us. But today, I want to publicly bless you and all that you are! You have always been amazing. I’ve never changed my mind about that. Today, former friend, I release you from my heart and thank you for the lessons you taught me through your presence, but more so, through your absence. You gave me one of the most amazing gifts I could ever have asked for – the freedom to find my way to here!

I’ve never considered you to be my enemy. You will always be a significant part of my story and this is my most sincere prayer for you…

May your days be filled with love and may the Spirit of God overtake you! May your relationships prosper and your children walk in wisdom. May your cupboards be blessed forever and may you never be haunted by your past. May every curse be turned to blessing. May your strength increase with your years, and may the favour and abundance of God be your portion for the rest of your days.

So, dear former friend, thank you for being “former”, for my latter has truly been great and is becoming even greater!

Thank you! Thank You! Thank YOU!!!


Warmest regards,





My Rainbow 

Because he loves me and wants me to maximize my potential *insert blush face* …my sweetheart does his best to take an interest in the things that interest me (thank you Jesus for such a wonderful gift in my dear best friend). And when I start to lose interest, he gives me the extra (sometimes unwelcomed) nudge I need to get things going. So It was not surprising that when he came across a resource that helps new bloggers overcome writers block so they’d write daily, he sent it to me. Today is the first time I’ve received my daily tip and the challenge is to write something – anything- that includes all of the colors of the rainbow. So…here goes…

My dearest daughter

I started writing these letters to you a while ago and though I’ve not been consistent, I want you to know that I have not stopped thinking about you. Your curious brown eyes have not yet seen the beauty of a sun kissed morning, but I have never stopped imagining the kind of picture perfect life I want to create for you. I want you to experience all the wonders God wants to show you. Oh, I am just so excited when I think about your future! I still can’t wait to meet you. To learn of you. To teach you. To be your mommy. And if I were to choose one symbol that I imagine would represent you, I have to tell you that I think you will be just like the very first rainbow…

My baby, you are a promise. Now, in this very moment, when you are just a beautiful thought in mommy’s mind, God has already decided to let me have you. (I am so overwhelmed with love for you!) He has decided to trust me with your fragile heart and your strong mind. (I am so scared that most days I won’t know what to do!) And in the midst of all of the questions your father and I will have, there is one thing I believe we will be able to hold on to – that you, our darling, are God’s demonstration of His promise to bless us with a heritage that comes from Him, and with a reward that embodies you. 

My baby, you are red – bold and daring. If you are anything like I imagine, you will be passionate. You will find that causes would keep you awake because you just need to find solutions. You will not go through life casually. You will wear the blood of Jesus like a well tailored robe and His passion will pump through your veins. You will see the pain of His heart and you will present yourself to share in His suffering. And though it will be difficult at times, you will stand up for the voiceless because that’s what Jesus would’ve done. You are a fiery one. You, my darling, are a red burning flame. 

My baby, you are orange – because a little yellow never hurt any red one. People love you because you radiate the warmth of the Son. You are just what everyone needs after a long day – a warm and quiet soul. Your deep, wise thoughts will ooze from your lips and will comfort those who need it. 

Green baby, you are Green. You are alive! And though not yet here, I am thankful that you are! 

But as I think about all that I want you to be and have and do, I have to admit I know some days you’ll also be blue (didn’t mean to rhyme. Yea, your mom’s a bit corny sometimes). I used to say that I want to shield you from pain. While that sounds good and parental, I don’t think I’d be doing either of us a favour if I did try to shield you from everything. Oh, I will do everything in my power to protect and steer you right. But my love, I have learnt that some pain will be necessary. And because you are imperfect (I hate to admit it), you may also create some pain of your own.  So I want you to know that mommy will try to be there in the blue days. But if I can’t be, I promise to do everything I can to point you to the One you really need. 

And you are indigo (what is that?! A fruit??). Ok. Fine. You are as clueless about some things in this life as I am right now about what that color looks like. And that’s okay. I will teach you how to find the answers to hard questions: yep – ask Daddy! Mommy married (will marry one day) a smart one. (You’re welcome). 

My baby, you are purple. My word – you are one expensive child to maintain! Your royalty is going to cost us all of the crowns and jewels we worked hard to achieve. But because your heart is so beautiful, you will be contented with the simple things in life. This will make it easy for us to pour our love into your life and to pamper you sometimes. You will know that royalty is not synonymous with spoilt, uncaring snobs. You will be the perfect blend of poise, class and charisma. 

And whenever I look at you, I will thank God for the promise of the rainbow.