Another Lesson My Niece Taught Me

After a stressful day that led me to a place where I really needed my space, the last thing I wanted was to be followed around by a little person who just wanted all, I mean ALL of my attention! Yet, there she was – my little munchkin – behind, infront, on top, beside me from the time I walked through the door. It was cute for the first few minutes, but as the demands of the day continued with having to complete tasks left undone, I just had no patience left to tend to my little person. I tried to escape. Went to my room. Of course, she followed me. As I tried to focus on one of those unfinished things, my niece was there asking one question after another. And in her true likeness, she just wouldn’t give up! I found myself giving unfocused, half hearted, snappy responses. Until I realized what she had been asking me: 

Auntie, how are you? 

How was your day? 

You alright?

I stopped what I was doing, rested my forehead on hers and answered her questions. Now thinking about it, she’s the only person, in the last 22 hours who’s asked me those questions while expressing such anticipation and interest in my responses! Yet, she was the person I had no patience for. She was the one who was receiving my less than energetic responses. Shame on me! 

We talked, we hugged, we laughed. I admit, I still didn’t get it as my patience began to wear out again *hides face* (pray for me). But my favourite little person loved me all the way through. After a few minutes, when I was ready to go back to what I was doing, she pulled me in close and said, “Auntie, it’s sleep time.” She held me close and wouldn’t let me go, and in 1 minute, she was off to la-la land. 

What’s the lesson here? 

Give your attention to the people who are interested in your wellbeing, not the tasks that will drain you. Because at the end of the day, your people matter more. 


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