I’ve found myself thinking a lot about how I respond to my niece and how God expects me and how I want to respond to my future children. 

Do I want them to learn what is acceptable behaviour or do I want to break their spirits? Is my action just a quick fix or will what I am about to say or do be a life lesson I want them to pass on? Will I be enforcing godly self concepts? Or am I going to put dents or holes in their self esteem buckets?

The problem is that sometimes we react to children to appease our own desire to be in control, at the expense of their well being. I want to be so careful because children are so fragile. Resilient. But fragile. And the truth is, I’ve watched myself and other adults in action and I am ashamed to say that sometimes we act more childish than we realize. Healthy adults manage their emotions well. Unfortunately, lots of us have got a long way to go! 

How about if we quit being associated with fear? No child (including adult children) enjoys being scared. Let’s strive to become our children’s safe place. I don’t know about you, but that’s who I want to be – my children’s earthly solace. Until then, I’m taking my meds and I’m on my way to health 😉 


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