Writer’s Block

Blogging is something I’ve considered before, but I just never got around to doing it…

Ok. Fine. I avoided it because I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to be vulnerable. I’m an aspiring author. I want to write about everything – well, everything that matters anyway. Faith, love, family, social intervention, parenting – like I said, the things that matter (maybe you should blog about what matters to you). The challenge is, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing (and I’ll pretend that’s the only thing I’m a perfectionist about). I want need it to be perfect before I decide to share it with anyone else (except my best friend). 

But tonight, I’m thinking about Writer’s block. For the most part, I chose to build walls out of blocks that would keep me safe. If I would just keep the thoughts in my mind, and the dreams in my heart, then I would not need to defend them before anyone. I would block writer’s block by blocking blogger’s bloopers (I wasn’t planning on doing that, but it seemed like a great idea at the time, so I went with it). Man, this has been been so freeing! Further still, if I don’t share these thoughts, then they will forever be mine. But…what’s the point of that?? Ideas are meant to set the world on fire! Eureka! They should change history!!!

As simple as it is, starting a blog took more thought than deciding which college to go to did for me. I’m challenging myself to let me make mistakes here. I am daring to learn as much as I can about authorship (including whether authorship is really a word, which, judging from the fact that there’s no scriggly red line underneath, it is.. Yay!). And I’m determined to use the mistakes I make here as the blocks this writer stands on. 

So, I’ve decided to redefine writer’s block…

From this moment onwards, to me, writer’s block will be the blocks that belong to this writer. They are the fears, the insecurities, the being-stuck-ness that will inspire me to write. They will give rise to my feet rather than block path that needs be cleared (I think that’s brilliant. Don’t you?). 

I hope that even though I just have 1 follower today (God bless you @MJNathan), one day this will inspire many others. I am choosing to write this now because I hope I won’t forget these necessary first steps (though I’m sure I will). But when (if) I do, I want to be sure to leave you with the memory of wisdom from the writer who blocks (and who now blogs). The wisdom is simple; here it is: 

Go for it. Set your dreams on fire. 

P.S. According to Google, “authorship” may be a word, but “squiggly” is probably the better word to describe the invisible red line. Ah well…cheers to learning! Officially my first “blogger’s blooper”. Somehow, I feel accomplished. 


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