My Quiet Mountain

Set me upon a quiet mountain and here, let me put modern pen to paper. Sit with me and leave me alone. Let me write in silence. There is much to say, but first, I must hear.

First, let me hear the beat of His heart, then permit me to observe the conundrums that dance in my mindful meadows. Let me hear His answers to my questions. Then on this mountain, I will capture His masterpieces in words too inadequate for His art. But let me capture it all the same.

Set me upon a quiet mountain and let me hear songs that are waiting to be sung. Let me hear the sounds that beg to be echoed into the abyss. Let His living water pour over my soul, and in turn, I will pour this water upon the land.

Permit me to mistakingly offer solutions and then to put pride to flight that I might apologize. Accept my apology.

Permit me to pry, to make your business my own. Let me be the friend who says what needs to be said. Let me offer you words of comfort. Let these mountain thoughts inspire change. Let them pierce your heart with love. And let us learn here together.

i am kerese. And this is my quiet place – my rugged, necessary, quiet mountain. Please, do join me.


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